Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Life Things

So its been a good minute since the last time I posted about the ongoings of my personal life. And I realize to be a "good blogger" I need to keep these posts up to date. Allow me to write the reader's digest version and simply expand later so we're at least all on the same page.

1. Love Life:
Things have been going pretty great in this department. I met Kyle Laureano last year in August at my first homo krew party and we dated until November 11th when he asked me to be his girlfriend. So far its been a wonderful 6 month with him. We've had our share of rides on the relationship roller coaster, but we both love eachother and know that love will conquer any obstacle. He is a wonderful man that inspires me to be whatever and do whatever my heart leads me to. We love to meditate together, watch movies, hang out with our friends (especially the homo krew), cook together, explore the outdoors, and I love that I can always talk about spirituality, philosophy, and culture with complete ease and understanding.
Definitely more on him later. And pics ;)

2. Work Life:
I still work as the administrator at Earth Spirit Center for Healing in Queen Creek. I love my job. Its my zen zone and (one of) my creative outlets. We're constantly expanding and reinventing and furthering our cause. The best part is that I work for my best friend and childhood playmate, Kyle Hutchinson. He is my ray of sunshine and spiritual inspiration and the voice of reason in my life. Its a beautiful way to earn paychecks and I don't think I'll ever quit. :)

3. Home Life:
I live at home still. I'm planning on moving back out to Tempe in April though to be near school (I'm enrolling at SWIHA). Living with 4 of my friends will be so amazingly fun and such a great life experience.

4. Spiritual Life: Coming Soon!