Thursday, January 29, 2009

Scott Goes To Hollywood!

Way to go Scott!! 
For all of you that don't know, I am a friend of Scott Macintyre, American Idol's 8th season contestant. He's really a great guy and is extremely talented at piano and vocals. So I'm really excited about watching a season of American Idol for the first time in my life. haha
So tomorrow I might be going over to Scott's house to actually watch it with him. :]

A Sketch

This is just a sketch I did tonight for fun. I was thinking about the depression and how its going to make everything so much harder for us young lovers hoping to start a future soon.. Thats why the expressions on our faces are a bit gloomy. Michael really seems to like this though. 
On another note, I smell like garlic from the dinner I made tonight for Michael, Danny, Rae, and I. Michael still hasn't gotting hired yet, so ingredients are slim pickins. But I managed to put together some potatoes, butter, onions, garlic, beef broth, beef chunks, and Jack Daniels for a delicious meal that everyone had seconds on. Poor Michael didn't get any leftovers but at least his woman [me] is turning out to be quite the Holly Homemaker. Now all I need is one of the cute little aprons my mom is making this season. I'll post some pictures of them once I get a chance.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I want one.

Its called an Elephant Shrew. 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Glasses

So these are my new foxxy prescription glasses.


Handsome smoking Michael.
Fatherly Michael.
"Cool" Michael.

Drunk Michael.


Stabs the heart
Leaves no room for mistake
Leaves no room for change
Leaves you short of breath
Eyes open to the ceiling 
Or pressed to the pillow
It sears the mind
Constricts the chest
Forgives nothing
Forgets nothing
Wants for nothing
Burns everything
Remembers everything
Changes everything


WHY are guys so insensitive and heartless one minute and then turn right around and suddenly claim to be sorry for their actions and regretful of their decisions as they stare at you with their sad, beaten puppy-dog eyes? Why the sudden change? There's got to be more to it. I think that they'd rather just claim to being sorry for what they did than feel the scorching heat of a woman's contempt.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Spring 09 Fashion Forecast

Gorgeous Van Gogh scarf.
Cameo ring
Peacock feather hair clip. I love these!!
Spotted frock.
Glamorous stilettos.
Plaid 3-button vest.
Classy blue heels.
Flat boots. Simple, but not plain.

Salmon colored vintage dress.

Adorable little flashdrive! So cute!!
The perfect vintage "little black party dress".
Bird on a wire necklace.
Vintage one-button clutch with piping!
Grey skirt. Very form flattering.
Hooting owl satchel/knapsack/backpack.
Hollywoodland "evening out" dress.
An adorable take on the musty Romper look. (I wouldn't wear those stockings though.)
Mushroom canvas wallet.
SO CUTE! I adore this Roman numeral clock ring.
Jackie-O Dress.
Trendy earth-tone handbag.
Seafarer day dress. :)
Nautical wallet.
3 masted ship necklace.
The Kraken bracelet.
Knit cap.
Saw a girl at The Coffee Shop wearing leg warmers like these. She made it look super easy to pull off, so maybe I'll have to get up the confidence to try it myself. haha
Love love love these stockings.
Social Finch pocket book.

Eco-chic ring set.
Little Hoots earrings. Adorable!
Flying swallow ring.
Night owl key cover (I bought one for my sister a while ago. She loves it).
Dancing Panda wallet and pocketbook.
Another owl thing: Owl coin purse.
Rockin Mary Poppins black boots.
Vintage bird soapdish.
The Nylon Book of Global Style.
3 Owls Journal.
Tame blue sweater.
Spring stripes top.
Enamel earrings with fancy pants design. (do want! do want!)
Another "Do Want!". Kurled Koi fish earrings.
"The Big Bento Box of Useless Japanese Inventions"
Vintage Betty Page swimsuit.
Peacock feather stockings.
Pretty little blue umbrella.
Vintage tapestry purse with floral design.
3 Button oatmeal colored coat.

All of these delicious items can be found at Mod Cloth. Enjoy! I can't wait for spring.