Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Year, Another Chapter

So Michael and I have been dating for about 8 weeks. It honestly feels like 8 months though. We're bonded and gotten so close and I know that God brought us together and He's what's holding us together. 
Living back at home is really ok most of the time.. But the midnight curfew is what's killing me. Back in LA I would stay out till 2 or 3 or even 4
 sometimes. No problems. But now I can't even come home at midnight without being told I can't come home at curfew every single night. That I need to "choose a couple nights a week" to come home that late. Late? Midnight is not that late at all. This pretty much prevents me from going to any parties as well. All the good
 ones start at 10 or 11.
I can't wait to move out this summer and move in with Michael's little sister, and one of my coolest friends, Julie Cakes
and her brother John. He's pretty funny and random and Julie is radical and amazing. Truly she is my biggest inspiration besides nature itself. So Julie has an extra room across the hall from her room and it has its own bathroom and she says she really wants me to move in. And since her mother's dinner, I've made a good impression by cooking her the "best meal anybody has ever cooked her in her life" haha. So only about 5 more months to go and I will have my parent's blessing. Then I'll have to start the whole job search again.. I only wish they lived back at their old house.. It was so much closer to everything. Tempe seems like the edge of the world where the sidewalk ends. Oh well. Beggars can't be choosers.

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