Wednesday, March 31, 2010

People I Miss

Missy (my little sister) and Kevin Naegele (Taylor's ex). Obviously I always miss my little baby sister... But Kevin, I havent seen in almost a year it seems. He's like the big brother I never had.

Alyssa Rodriguez --> my Hawaiian hottie and good friend since 2006. I was also her bridesmaid last September :)

My two BFFs in college --> Jessica Lewis and Angel Garcia. We had so many crazy times together. They made college feel like home and one big adventure at the same time. Miss you guys. :)

Bethany Fortner. I got my big side tattoo the day we stopped talking. Losing her was far more painful though. :/ I wish we could be friends again. Bygones are bygones and everything is just water under the bridge in my eyes.

My crazy awesome "smarty pants" friend. She's off being a T.A. at Queens College in Belfast, Ireland. I miss her though! She literally has dibs on being godmother for my first offspring (or two). And I have dibs on hers.

Scotty Boy :)

My lovely crazy spontaneous twin friend from Oregon -- Sarah Jane Scroggins. I miss her so badly. I wish she lived right next door to me. :( We didn't just share a middle name, we had so much more in common.

California friend -- David Woo. Just an all around cool guy. :)

2 of my 4 adorable little California cousins -- Edward and Olivia Jane :)

Travis Vallence -- Artist friend for about 2 years (i think). The first time I ever met him, I woke up to grab a glass of water in the middle of the night and he was looking through my parent's spice cupboard.

Kauk, Comrade Bailey, me, and Andrew the Pimp. Yea... they made high school badass. :)

Julie Burns and her buck, Chris Hudson. --- Hippy friends for years

Andy Walters --- BFF circa 2001

Crystal Vargas --- Bridesmaid Buddies

Donna Strikes Again!

Just watched the new House episode, guest starring one of my favorite actresses - Laura Prepon (Donna Pinciotti from That 70's Show). She played a woman who blogged in great detail about everything that went on in her life. It just made me wonder if people would read about me and my life if I blogged about it like that.. Just curious. The idea of it intrigued me and I've found myself thinking about doing it.

Any thoughts?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Shark in the Water!

V V Brown - Shark In The Water

VV Brown | MySpace Music Videos

Such a great song and music video. I can totally see myself doing this if I found out a boyfriend was cheating. Haha polaroids are expensive as hell, but this would be worth it. :P
Oh and kudos to Kyle for introducing me to V.V. Brown. She rocks my argyle socks. :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Long story short...

1 Macbook
+ nothing to do all day
+ make-up
+ Lady Gaga on iTunes
- my dignity
- clothing
= These photos.

Recession-ista Recipe

Poor Girl's Potato Soup:

5 giant potatoes (preferably gifted by a friend)
2 tsp hot sauce (or 2 "fire" packets from taco bell)
3 Cups water
3/4 cup milk
1 Tbs sour cream
1 Cup cheddar cheese
3 tsp dried chopped onions (or fresh if you have it)
1 tsp pepper
3 tsp salt
1 tsp garlic salt
4 strips of bacon
1 Tbs finely chopped garlic

1. PREP: Bake the potatoes till softish. Cook the bacon. Saute the finely chopped garlic in the leftover bacon 'juice'. Chop up the now cooled bacon into bits.

2. ADD: Carefully remove the peels from the potatoes once it is relatively safe to do so. Put into a large stockpot and mash as best you can (lumpy is ok). Add the water, milk, garlic & bacon juice, salt, pepper, dried onions, garlic salt, bacon, and hot sauce.

3. COOK: at a medium temperature - its the sneaky boiling-behind-your-back type of soup.. so keep an eye on the heat. Add the cheese and sour cream once it's reached a good consistency. Let it cook for like 20 minutes, keeping the lid on it in between stirrings.

4. EAT: it.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Photos of Me!

These were all taken on Mill Avenue by the ASU stadium. Sort of the downtown area for the college. We had a really fun day wandering around, taking photos, and getting reconnected through art and our favorite genre of it: photography. Here are just a couple of the results:


Haha I did this with an eyeshadow stick while working with Kyle on the soon-to-be Earth Spirit Center for Healing in Queen Creek. I did a fire dance and it was pretty kick-ass. So Kyle wants me to dress up as Gaea, the Earth goddess and daughter of Chaos, and come dance around the bonfire at the center's grand opening party. Haha oh boy. Any ideas on how to go about making an "earth goddess" costume??

Dream Living Room

Room idea photo i snagged from the IKEA catalogue. hehe

TV stand and storage for all those tacky looking cables 'n shit.

These are actually curtains!! so cool! especially since the rest of the room is all "big city" themed. It adds a touch of nature to balance it out.

Red flokati area rug for the couch/TV area. Ya know? That space where people usually put a rug. haha

Modern looking cabinet hutch thing.. I don't know exactly what I'd store in here. Maybe.... incense and party supplies?

Bamboo plant!!

Cool looking graffiti art. :)

City art..

Apartment stairwells.

Art art art....
REALLY love this city scene. And its huge too. Perfect to fill the large empty wall in the apartment.

Couch loveseat! I don't know if there would be room for this one though. Probably just enough room for the long couch.

The long couch. I'd want to put this by the entryway to kind of separate the spaces and create a sort of mock hallway.

Side table (world market) for the window side of the couch.

Coffee table. Its round to break up the boxy square looking furniture.

Floor lamp for the corner.

Recycled welcome sign with hooks! I love it. Perfect to hang peacoats and jackets.

Another piece of artwork. I wasn't sure if this one went with the decor though...

Long entryway rug.

World Market artwork. Idk. It ties the graffiti one in a bit. Gives it something to match.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

In a Lose, Lose Situation

Don’t be late
There’s no time to be afraid
There’s a way
To clean up the mess you’ve made

If I could tell the truth
or lie, would I
attempt the two at the same time
expect you to apologize for trying
to make me so uptight
Don’t say
"it’s just a game you play"
I can’t lose the taste

If you regulate how the blood is pumping
through the veins from my heart into my head
In time this blood supply
Will change me from red to white
Every thought that you know I’m thinking
may as well be the knife stuck in my back
This taxing fever makes me gravitate
To this place

This is still my life
Not yours to define

Anyone in their right mind would never let you inside
Anyone in their right mind

I've broken ties with the neighborhood,
I'm feeling like a bum in the city
waking only to take a drink
from an empty glass of nothing good
Then sinking like a stone in the sea
without the oxygen I need

Deciding as I wait for it to entertain
Careful not to breathe in
to breathe in, to breathe in
The right time and the right way to elevate
Careful not to breathe in
to breathe in, to breathe in

To breathe in the air
that so proudly puts to death
my own father's name
I remember when your hands started shaking
There's a better way
to clean up the mess you've been making

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dream Dining Area

Hey! Look look! Its part 2 of my Dream Apartment series. haha :)
This would be the dining room area (of my dreams).

This is just a picture to show what I would like the dining area to look like if you were walking through the door or standing in the living room. Partially open bookshelf units to separate the living and dining spaces and also to provide storage. I also love the way they've used faux track lighting on top of the bookshelf.

The desk and cube bookshelf I'd place side by side to make it seem like one long bookshelf/room divider.

Candle centerpiece for the dining area table. Perfect for romantic dinners or intimate dinner with another couple. :)

I found the perfect artwork to hang over the dining room table! Its red, black, and white to match the decor theme and its food themed AND its Andy Warhol (one of my favorite icons of art).
Area rug for the dining area. I can't decide if it's too busy for that small space and/or if it adds too many dark colored things.

Lotus pendant light! I have LOVED this light since the moment I saw it. :) I think it would look soo amazing hanging above the dining room table.

The dining table! Perfect for the tiny apartment (or The Nest, as we like to call it) because its small for everyday use and with the leaves expanded, its perfect for parties and *cough* beer pong *cough* :P

And I love these dining room chairs for EXACTLY the same reason. They have this amazing red (i know it looks orange on here) pop of color and they stack! So we can always keep a couple extra in the storage closet for parties.