Monday, March 22, 2010


Haha I did this with an eyeshadow stick while working with Kyle on the soon-to-be Earth Spirit Center for Healing in Queen Creek. I did a fire dance and it was pretty kick-ass. So Kyle wants me to dress up as Gaea, the Earth goddess and daughter of Chaos, and come dance around the bonfire at the center's grand opening party. Haha oh boy. Any ideas on how to go about making an "earth goddess" costume??


Bev Horlacher said...

WUTTT!! Tell me about this Earth Spirit Center for Healing in Queen Creek! I want to go there!

tora jane said...

Hey Bev!!! i missed you girl! :)
its going to be awesome! It is planned to open June 1st and its on Riggs and Power.
Right now while we're working to get the building turned into a temple/center for healing (things like life coaching, massage therapy, reiki, polarity, etc) i'm working for the center's creator and leader, (soon to be Rev.) Kyle, as his personal assistant, creative advisor, and general manual labor. haha
but you should really come out sometime and see everything we're doing! Its really going to be an awesome place. He wants it to be a place where anyone and everyone can come and worship in their own way to their own religious beliefs and eventually the center will have a tea shop, meditation room, yoga room, peace garden, animal shelter, herb gardens, and temple. :)

its sooo exciting! I can't wait for everything to get underway and for us to finally open.