Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dream Dining Area

Hey! Look look! Its part 2 of my Dream Apartment series. haha :)
This would be the dining room area (of my dreams).

This is just a picture to show what I would like the dining area to look like if you were walking through the door or standing in the living room. Partially open bookshelf units to separate the living and dining spaces and also to provide storage. I also love the way they've used faux track lighting on top of the bookshelf.

The desk and cube bookshelf I'd place side by side to make it seem like one long bookshelf/room divider.

Candle centerpiece for the dining area table. Perfect for romantic dinners or intimate dinner with another couple. :)

I found the perfect artwork to hang over the dining room table! Its red, black, and white to match the decor theme and its food themed AND its Andy Warhol (one of my favorite icons of art).
Area rug for the dining area. I can't decide if it's too busy for that small space and/or if it adds too many dark colored things.

Lotus pendant light! I have LOVED this light since the moment I saw it. :) I think it would look soo amazing hanging above the dining room table.

The dining table! Perfect for the tiny apartment (or The Nest, as we like to call it) because its small for everyday use and with the leaves expanded, its perfect for parties and *cough* beer pong *cough* :P

And I love these dining room chairs for EXACTLY the same reason. They have this amazing red (i know it looks orange on here) pop of color and they stack! So we can always keep a couple extra in the storage closet for parties.

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