Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dream Bedroom

Alright! Having been in the new apartment for almost 2 months, I'm starting to get restless when it comes to nesting. I crave any excuse to window shop or online oggle furniture and decor. Maybe its because we only have 2 broken camping chairs (living room seating), 1 tiny beat-up side table (my desk), an old crappy Walmart dorm desk (Trace's desk/dining table), 2 thoroughly broken desk chairs, and a size Full bed and box-spring set. There. I said it. I'm ashamed of my own furniture to the point of being embarrassed to have people over for fear that they'll either laugh in my face or run away screaming.

SO I decided to at least make myself feel better and make a post about what my apartment WOULD look like if I had the resources to decorate and furnish.

Dream Bedroom: Aeon Flux (mother nature meets modern utopia)

Dresser. I loved the whole "mod but still earthy and simple" style of it..



Basic brown bed frame. I like sleeping low to the floor and headboards are so overrated. I'd rather hang art above the bed or just put it beneath a window, framing the whole thing withthe curtains.

Fuzzy Flokati area rug! Its like shag only way way better and plusher. :D
I like the cream colored one because it helps balance the dark wood furniture. Don't you agree?

Orange table lamp (to put on top of a dresser or wardrobe). I love that IKEA has this in orange because neutral colors can get sooo boring if you don't add a little pop of color.

More lighting! this time for the corner of the room. I adore soft papery lighting. It feels so cozy and dreamy to me. I can just imagine putting sage green light bulbs inside of it for the earthy nature feel I want in a bedroom.

This ceiling light looks so much more awesome in person. I'd want to hang it over the bed and then attach little origami flowers and stars to the wire circle with some fishing line.

Kitty bed! For the kitten in my life. :)

Twiggy looking string lights to wrap around the hanging ceiling lighting (above) and to drape around the windows. Because I am cool like that.

Bamboo blinds! to keep out the extremely bright morning sun.

Curtains to hang OVER the bamboo blinds. Why? Because I'm a girl and because they have cool leaves on them. I do love foliage.

KickAss bedding! The pillow case fabric looks like wood grain and the brown tone bedspread is very modern but nature-chic. Perfect for the look I'd go for in the bedroom.

Tray for breakfast in bed! haha I wish.. :P

Fake plants! You can't kill em and they always look great! What's not to love??

Wooden wall panels. Normally I have a thing against them because they can look so dull and tacky and heavy.. But these actually look like they would look very nice in this room. Maybe?


TracyAnn said...

hi Tora! I pop in once in awhile because you keep an interesting blog :) Nice decor choices! I know the feeling--I'm way older than you are and I still dream of going out and getting dream furniture, lol. But hey, you do what you can do. Thrift stores can be pretty good for getting some things...and sometimes you can find stuff that has a real funky retro vibe to it. It's kinda hit and miss, but worth checking out :)
Take care and try not to worry--your real friends come to see you, not your furniture ;)

tora jane said...

Thankyou :) :)

It honestly makes my day so much brighter whenever I get comments on my blog. And i absolutely love thrift stores! I would rather just buy things from thrift stores and flea markets and garage sales, fix them up and refurnish them myself, and recycle them into my home! :)
SOO much cooler that way. Then its unique and everything matches perfectly (because you make it match, haha).