Sunday, March 1, 2009

Life: Now.

I work in food service. I tried for over a month to get a job.. any job. It was the first interview I got so I took it. Hey.. any money is good money, right? I mean.. for somebody broke and trying to start her own independent life. I have so many goals that involve money.. Like getting a car and paying some of my own bills and shopping and getting married to my darling Michael (someday). Its not like I'm a failure at life just for working at "a fast food place" bussing. Its not even a fast food place! its like a.. fast but casual dining place. idk. Its hip and you know its hip because people come there with their dogs and parrots and gay people and people with tattoos eat there. 
I just want to film and photograph and model and write children's books for a living.. But I can't. So I supplement by bussing tables and washing dishes. I don't see a business degree helping me much but it seems I have to in order to please my parents and Michael. 

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