Friday, September 11, 2009

Hi. My name is Tora and I'm addicted to fashion.

Rawr! This little sailor girl number is oh so adorable and sexy. Unfortunately its about $130. Ugh. Otherwise I'd save up and buy it in a heartbeat.

Cute little "barely there" tights. Perfect for the fall?

Do I really need to explain how awesome these are??

Haha these really tickled my fancy.. I have NO clue what I'd wear them with though..

Cute puff headband.. I could probably make this.

Plain old umbrella and galoshes? Hecks no! These are fashionable and hip and feminine and cute! I would most definitely wear these while jumping into every rain puddle I could find.

These boots remind me of the ones that Penny Lane (played by Kate Hudson) wore in Almost Famous. Ugh! To die for..

If only I had the money, honey.
I absolutely adore all these things from ModCloth.

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