Sunday, September 13, 2009

Parks and Wrecks. ugh.

Went out with Nick and Sarah tonight.. We decided to go to a nearby park to just hang out and chill in the grass but driving into the neighborhood we passed a girl on rollerblades. She happened to be Nick's exes and Sarah's ex best friend. So we crouch low in our seats and drive on till we get to the park. About 10 minutes after we settled into a giant tree just next to the sidewalk, a man on a bike pulls up. It's the girl's father. He rides up close to us and tells us that his daughter told him that we flipped her off. Not true and we tell him so. He asks us what we're doing there. Sarah replies that we're just hanging out at a park. He asks us why we're at the park next to their house, so Sarah answers nicely that we were just down the road and she likes this park and hangs out here on occasion with other friends. Then, as if he didn't even listen to her, he goes on about how we shouldn't be here starting drama and we shouldn't have come to this park and asking us why we came here to start something with his daughter.. etc etc. So once he stops pulling things out of his butt, I chime in with soft-spoken Sarah in re-explaining that we were already in the area and we had no intention of even letting her know our whereabouts. Then he points at me and tells me to shut up.
I was already pissed that he was going out of his way to treat us this way for no reason but that last was the last straw. How rude! And thats not even the worst of it. After his little hissy fit rant, he bikes off about a block and the girl walks over! She goes on about how we shouldn't be here and she hates their guts and they need to get out of "her neighborhood". Nick and Sarah handle it very well by telling her what we told her dad and apologizing for upsetting her unintentionally. Then she walks away to join her dad and probably make up more crap.
We go sit down in the grass and talk about how ridiculous the whole thing is and how maybe we should just leave and forget about all the stupid drama. So right as we stand up and start walking towards the car, the girl calls Sarah and tells her that if we don't leave the park in 10 minutes they're going to call the cops on us.
For..... what? sitting in a public park at 10 PM? Being harassed by a girl and her manipulated father? ...just ridiculous all around.

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