Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh Bloody Hell!

...Literally. My throat is raw and red and bleeding (on the inside). I think I may have gotten it from my little darling, Olivia, up in Glendale when I was visiting last weekend. Either way, I can't risk going to see them this weekend. Sadness.. 
The doctor says its not streptococcus, but its still a serious throat infection. So she gave me a bottle of anti-biotic pills and sent me on my way with a brochure on Eating Vegetarian. Got back to my place and the pills are bloody red and smell like sulfur. A lot. So of course I have to take them like.. 4 times a day. Yuck. Oh well.. anything to be able to speak without being in pain. Pray that I'll be healed before next weekend. <3

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