Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I decided to take a 3 hour bus ride of solitude into Los Angeles and through town to Glendale. It was a very spiritual experience that taught me so much about myself, God, and the truths of this world. I feel that I've grown spiritually and that this was a really good idea. I plan on doing it again a few times a month or as often as I can. I went into some of the slum parts of town and passed through abandoned and forgotten areas of L.A.

Some pretty buildings in Los Angeles..

Finally in Glendale! A very nice part of Los Angeles and a place I am now dreaming of living in. haha This picture includes (from left to right) Ahmi Rose, Olivia Jane (my sweet little sugar plum fairy), myself, and a not so photogenic baby Johnny (named after Cash).
A perfect, cozy little living room and window seat in my aunt Angie's home built in the 1930's.
My uncle, Doug TenNapel, working on his latest graphic novel and making a face for the camera. haha he's such a goof. Here's some of his stuff.
At the playground with Johnny. Once he figured out that my phone was a camera, he was fascinated by it and always wanted to hold it and play with it. haha so cute. :] 
I don't have a picture of Edward, my dearest little man of the bunch, but I'll try to get one up here next time. I've been smitten by that little boy ever since I saw his blue eyes and curly hair. But he is a little dreamer that was too busy to have his picture taken.

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Don C said...

Talk about following the bread crumb trail!

The "search by interest" thing I accidentally stumbled onto from my blog profile is NEATO!

I've only ever read about your uncle and seen his work. It must be pretty freakin' cool to be related to someone so creative!