Friday, June 12, 2009


Bailey has been one of the coolest friends in my life to date. And when I say cool, I mean: interesting, funny, intellectual, bright, handsome, fun to be around, stylish, and did I mention INTERESTING. In the best of ways though. Truly.
I took this picture of him when we first met two years ago in high school. Also he was the only kid in the school (or person, for that matter) that could grow back that 5 o'clock shadow by second period. Amazing. hahaha Oh and he campaigned for school president using a Russian accent, fake bodyguards, and CCCP/KGB imitation posters. And he won. So in my books, Bailey is one of like, the coolest people I have ever met. Never a dull moment. Also he's a rocket scientist and a genius. No joke. Its the whole package. haha So ladies... ... .... lol jk. :P

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