Sunday, April 11, 2010

Book Lust

Idea Log Journal

Sometimes so many wonderful ideas spout from your brain that it becomes a turbulent ocean of innovation. Why not pour your smartest, most creative thoughts into this journal? The flexible and lightweight paperback notebook is full of colorful, blank pages waiting for your biggest aspirations. And because we all think in different ways, you can express your ideas more artistically in the "Sketch Log" section of the book. With perforated tabs in each page's top right corner, you can tear off a tab when the page is full, or bend it if you want to save your place. It's your mind, your individuality, your log book! Get ready to inspire!

F U, Penguin

Are you sick to death of being inundated with cute critters almost hourly? Have you created a special file in your inbox for all your coworkers' unsolicited cute finds? Does the idea of a "puppycam" make you kinda queasy? Then this is the book for you! Inspired by the blog of the same name, Matthew Gasteier's F U, Penguin is a hilarious, extremely foul-mouthed anecdote to sneezing baby pandas and cats with poor grammar. Not for the cute enthusiast, or the faint of heart! Gasteier gives a shout out to every wrinkly, wet-nosed fiend that has made its place in our lives, and calls it out for what it is: totally pathetic.

All Cakes Considered

Adjust your dials. It's time to tune in to the most delicious cookbook on the planet. In 3, 2, 1! Hello, and welcome. Today's episode features a cookbook that you just can't do without. Whether you're a bundt cake babe or an Passion Cake cutie, you'll feed on this read with delight! Full of recipes from Peppermint Pattie Cake to Procrastinatin' Drunken Monkey Banana Bread and dappled with amusing anecdotes straight from the NPR office, this book is so great that you'll be floating 'on air' whenever you see it!'

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls

Learn how Elizabeth Bennet harnessed her zombie-slaying skills in the prequel to the New York Times best seller! Set four years prior to the ghastly events of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," this novel introduces us to the seemingly ordinary Bennet family as they reside peacefully in the English countryside. Little do they know what lurks beyond, until a funeral at a local church goes terribly wrong. Steeped in action, romance, hilarity, and blood-thirsty zombies, "Dawn of the Dreadfuls" is filled with suspenseful narration and eerie illustrations depicting the battle between the living and the dead. Pick it up for a zombie-obsessed friend or any book lover for a taste of cult meets classic!

Readymade: How to Make (Almost) Everything

As it says on the front, "You need this book." And if not you, then someone in your life! A primer on all things DIY, this sturdy book offers insightful tips and fun projects for all skill levels. Reusing and recycling is just the beginning.

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