Sunday, April 11, 2010

Modcloth Lust Therapy

Klaus and Yves Shakers

These perfectly poised pets will certainly inject a bit of adorableness into my otherwise drab kitchen decor. The round holes atop their hands make for easy dispersal of my favorite spices, while the clear rubber stopper at their base suggests convenient re-filling possibilities. These sleek, shiny black and white glazed ceramic kitties are so sophisticated and chic, I may just have to buy two sets - one for myself, and one for a fellow cat adoring pal! -Annie, Fashion Writer

Pour Little Owl Pitcher

Don't feel sorry for this little guy! And don't miss a drop anytime you pour something delicious out of the white V-shaped sp-owl-t of this forest friendly pitcher! Add a pretty touch to every table with this statuesque server perfect for juices, milk, or even holding a fresh bouquet from the market, this pitcher is as versatile as he is adorab-owl.

Fresh as a Daisy Jewelry Stand

Have you been hoping to rejuvenate your bedroom decor? As an enthusiast of fine jewelry and impeccable organization, it's absolutely necessary that you consider adding this darling jewelry stand to your collection ASAP. From the solid black base stems three sleek daisy rods of varying heights. The delicate mesh petals of each daisy bloom provide a secure place to store your dangling or stud earrings, necklaces, and rings! Bracelets, bangles, watches, and other keepsakes can be stored in the stand's base drawer, which is lined with soft black velvet to carefully preserve your most loved trinkets. Adorn your dresser or mantle with this adorable stand for a youthful spin on jewelry storage!

Stir Mix-a-Lot Utensil Set

(Oh my gosh, Becky, look at this pot. It's, like, so full. It looks like one of those chef girls' best friends.) I like blue spoons, and I cannot lie! You other cookers can't deny that when that griddle heats up in your itty bitty kitchen and that round pan is a-sizzlin', you have fun! You serve up lunch 'cause you notice a hungry bunch. In the pink ladel soups a-swirlin' and the green one's for pasta twirlin'. Yellow spatula, I wanna fry with you and flip your tofu. My homefries tried to warn me, but that food you got make me so hungry. Red salad servers, drop lettuce in my container. Well, use them, use them, 'cause you ain't that average sous chef. -Richard, Fashion Writer

Roy G. B-aker Food Prep Set

You'll cook up a storm that ends in a rainbow with this handy collection of kitchen wares! Their nesting creates the look of a multicolored geode when everything is stacked together while their clever organized structure is great for those whose cupboards may need straitening. Separating each piece from biggest to smallest, you'll find a mixing bowl with a rubber grip bottom in birthday cake icing blue, a colander in blueberry jam, a chili green rimmed strainer, a key lime pie liquid measuring cup, and a set of standard sized measuring cups in lemonade, orange juice, tropical punch, and strawberry milkshake. You can prepare whole meals with this single set that will fill your friends' tummies with good food and fill their hearts with good memories!

Field Greens Curtain

Give your room a healthy makeover with this panel curtain! Hang this shade to let its seemingly swaying, eucalyptus ferns relax you after a long day in your windowless office. The burnout construction lets in just enough light to brighten your room without blinding you. With this airy, earth-toned curtain by your bedside, you'll have a wholesome start to each day!

Sous La Pluie Shower Curtain

Whether you're getting ready for a rendez-vous on the Champs Elysées or just going through your morning routine, this decor item will have you showering in style. Printed with a romantic view of Paris, this black and white plastic shower curtain will add a snapshot of elegance and class to your home. Sure to fit in with any decorative taste, this 'rideau' will be everything you want in the world of chic decor.

Babushkas Bourrés Drinking Game

Stop nesting into the same old party routine and spice things up with this irreverent drinking game. Spin the top, and pour yourself a shot of choice in whichever little lady lands face up. Bring this out at your next party, and "Ural" gonna have a great time!

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