Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This past year seems to have passed me by so quickly. I feel like I've become a completely different person but still carried on the best parts of me into the future, like the first "marathon" runner preserving that vital piece of information because of its importance.. no matter the cost.
Here is just a simple sketch of some of the changes, realizations, highlights, and differences that just one year has brought:

I am a talented human being and can accomplish anything I truly choose to.
I am a woman.
I have gay and lesbian friends.
I am fully capable of thinking for myself (even though I forget to sometimes).
I am beautiful and sexy and glamourous and precious,
--no matter my cup size or what the scale says.
My body is mine and only I can command it.
I still have no desire to try hardcore drugs.
My wrists are scar free and I've committed to keeping them that way.
My clothing, hair, make-up, and jewelry do not define me.
My friends do not define where I do or don't belong.
I am not too polite to call somebody out on their shit.
And I am not too outspoken to be a lady.
The mirror is not an enemy, it is a friend (not a BEST friend, but a friend).
I am confident in my intelligence.
I am a darn good photographer for having taken no formal photography education.
I am not my mother, I am not my father, I am not my sisters or my friends.
--I am happy with this and content being me.
So far, I do not fit into a box.
--I'm OK with this. It's liberating.
I have opinions that deserve respect.
I am person that possesses emotions and feelings. This does not make me weak.
I have the right to choose my own unique future.
I am emotionally and mentally stable enough to function without help.
I enjoy hanging out with my friends Jack and Mary Jane.
--This does not make me a bad or defective person in any way.
I can choose to be whoever I want to be.
I am (more) confident in myself.
I'm starting to care less and less about "social norms".

I'm starting to find out who I really am and what all this will eventually add up to. :)


Kelly Ann said...

This is the reflective Tora I grew up with... refined I would say :) Be checking your mail at The Nest!

Charlie said...

You've got some really good stuff here Tora. Now I just need to motivate you to post on a regular basis.

tora jane said...

haha i got my mail <3
did you get yours?

And yes.. i DO need to post way more often. haha you've inspired me Charlie. :)

Tracy said...

I'm 38, and still learing..it's a continuing process :) You're lovely

Nick (CFKS) said...