Friday, October 17, 2008

Cameras to kill for

This first one here is the Canon Digital Rebel. Its the modern version of the 35mm SLR camera my dad is going to show me how to use over the holidays. I'd love to have this camera.. or any and all of these. haha
The Lomography Diana Dreamer Camera. It was all the rage in the 60's and it takes those photos that are dreamy and slightly fuzzy looking. Very cool. I'd love to mess around with one of these babies.
This little Polaroid camera is actually NOT a camera. Its just a Polaroid printer that you send pictures to from your cell phone and it just prints them off. How cool would that be.. There's just something so cool and magical and addicting about instant photos.
This Lomography camera is called the Diana+ and its pretty cool too. Its a lot like the Diana dreamer camera with its dreamy color drenched photos.. Ahh... so cool.

Polaroids! I love these cameras so much... I'd rather have these over any other camera. The black one is actually the one that I own. But its back at my parent's house somewhere in the closet they reserved for all my things. It was a little bit broken because all the pictures were super blurry.. but thats probably because I bought it at the thrift shop. Someday soon I want to own a polaroid in good condition. I just wish the film wasn't so expensive. Its about $1.40 per photo compared to the $0.09 it costs to have my digital photos developed at Walmart.

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