Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some Happy Places.

This is a really neat little nook of a living space. I've always like the idea of floor seating and floor pillows. 
I like this because its a nice little breakfast nook with lots of natural light and red chairs.. I don't know.. there's just something about red chairs that I love.
This right here is a perfect place of happy. Books, pillows, comfy clothes, little trinkets for decoration, and nice lighting. I'd want a place like this when I get my first house or apartment.
I just like this picture because its full of possibilities. I could cook breakfast for about 10 people at this table. Which would be fun to do for Christmas or Easter sometime. Just celebrate through breakfast while the light is still clinging to the dawn and the dew on the grass is still wet like green paint. While the birds are still optimistic and all the plants look glad to be alive. While the trees and air and dirt look so crisp like a freshly starched and ironed shirt just waiting for the day to wear it in. I love those kinds of mornings.
Forget the conventional tree house! This looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. How fun would it be to hang out in a tree filled with pillows? I'll tell you. It would be very fun. And very awesome.
Only one word can possibly describe this picture: Phantasmagorical. 

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