Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dorm Food

I miss my parent's kitchen!!
Now here in LA, the only things I can cook are microwavable noodles. 
When I get home for Christmas I am going to cook at least one meal a day in the kitchen. And bake! I want to bake things so bad.. especially since I found some truly amazing recipes for cupcakes at the cupcake Bake Shop website. Mmm... They look so tasty. I love it when recipes include pictures of what they should look like. It helps me to establish an idea of how to make mine look better the next time. haha
Speaking of baking, I promised my boyfriend we would bake cookies at my parent's house over the holidays. I can't wait to just curl up with him by the fireplace, grab a nice book and some hot tea and just relax for once. 

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