Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Love Emery.

You careless and whispered, insulting and bruising
And I thought that you said things were improving
These laces are untied but my feet are still walking away

I've broken ties with the neighborhood
I'm feeling like a bum in the city
Waking only to take a drink
From an empty glass of nothing good
Then sinking like a stone in the sea
Without the oxygen I need

While you're an addict to the need
To find yourself a way to breathe
The sex, the purge, the vein, the look
To replace feelings that we took

Giving up the fight with arms that bruise
Delicately shading these grays and blues
I could never stop bleeding for you
Endless dedication, my gift to you

That I have introduced to everyone around me
Saying that I'm the cause of all their crime
And when they're drunk, I poured the wine

You could be the one to stay
Made from birth for just this day
But something tells me its not right
That we could lose it all tonight

Why should I take all the blame for my mistakes?
You were there with every promise made to break
When did you become the one without regret?
Kill me, burn me down, I swear I won't forget

In my memory I wrote you down in ink
I never wanted to erase your story
Even with the tragedy it brings

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