Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Poet

What was thought to be love
Proved only in lust
That no words can bring hope
No kiss will bring trust
Saturated in prejudice
Wringing peace within war
It goes to show you can't fight
What had always been lore
So delete me from your memory
Destroy all hopes and dreams
Because I only love those
Who befriend demons and thieves
I'm not worth the effort
And even if I am
I corrupt the whitest of feathers, 
Destroy the most innocent lamb
I break the faint of heart
Revolt in the crumbling dust
And want nothing more than a world
That makes living worthwhile and just
And when your eyes are tired
From tears tainted with pain
Remember all the good we had
And begin to cry again
I won't waste breath nor time
To write a redeeming apology
The true damage will do us in
Simply with memory
Go live 
And find completion
Trust those
Who are masters in deception. 

- Alex Frontera