Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mmm.. Kitchens.

All this baking has got me thinking about kitchens. I really need to get my own place so I can use all of these awesome decorating ideas. I love love love islands. Especially when they're made of old wood. They just make life so much easier. My mother has this very old wooden butcher's block just sitting in her garage. Its gorgeous. When I get married I'm going to beg her to let me unleash its potential in my own home and then design my whole kitchen around it.
As far as colors go, white walls are a perfect expression of the freshness and crispness you want to feel upon entering a kitchen. Just add white earthenware dishes, an antique china set or two (or you can use one at a time and switch them out seasonally), some mismatched teacup & saucer sets (I have a growing collection of these), vintage hand towels, weathered wood spoons, natural lighting, and an ever present bottle of cabernet sauvignon and BAM! You have yourself a kitchen that feels like home. Here's some of my favorite kitchens I've found on design blogs such as Design*Sponge.

All thus


Anonymous said...

Think less about getting married and more about being independent. Things will work out better that way.

Wild Angel Joy said...

Tora, I really like these kitchens because they feel "retro" and "homey"...I much prefer them over the modern stainless steel and granite kitchens that are popular today. I always like kitchens to be bright and airy, too...I love cooking and baking so I like a happy atmosphere. Oh, and gotta have music playing, too :)

tora jane said...

I never said anything about getting married first.
But don't pretend to have a fuqing clue as to what would "work out" in my life.

And thanks W.A.J. :)
My current kitchen has dark wood cabinets and dark flecked granite. Oy veh!

I can only bake in there when I have music. :)